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What to avoid?

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No matter if you’re still on the market, just been proposed to or months away from your wedding date, take note of these planning tips so that your walk down the aisle will be as close to perfect.

These are the things any good Wedding Planner would advise you to avoid when planning a wedding:

Booking a Venue Before Creating a Guest List

Unless it’s going to be at your or your parents’ home, booking a venue is one of the first priorities for you, when planning a wedding, since most places fill up fast in advance. Yet, you need to make up your mind about the number of guests you’re having as the last thing you want is for the banquet hall to feel empty, or, even worse, for the guests to be squeezed as sardines over the dinner.

Rushing to Pick Your Bridal Party

The most important thing is to pick people who you want standing up with you on your wedding day — whether that means two people or ten — so take your time before you ask anyone. Keep in mind, that being a part of the bridal party can be very costly, and in case of any “No’s” try to understand and be respectful of others.

Sticking to the Plus One Policy

When it comes to the wedding party, it’s a nice gesture to allow everyone to bring a date — even for the single bridesmaids and groomsmen. You want to avoid singling out the single people. We know that weddings are costly, yet, you want your guests to have a great time, don’t you?

Skimping on Postage for the Invitations for the Big Day

Take your sealed and addressed invites to the post office, have one weighed, and take it from there. Note that square invitations require additional postage, because of the shape, not only the weight. The last thing you want to do is to stick a postage stamp on to the envelope and drop a bunch of them in the post office box. Post office has very strict rules on mail and will return those back to you causing disappointment and unnecessary stress.

Inviting to the Shower Non-Wedding Guests

Keep in mind, that inviting people to a shower who aren’t invited to the wedding is tacky and can come across as a ploy to get more gifts.

Skimming Over Contracts

Everybody knows that weddings are expensive and time-consuming to plan, so it’d be a shame to be taken advantage of. As we cannot stress it enough: READ EVERYTHING!

Getting Overwhelmed by Pinterest or other social media

Some of the projects can be simply unrealistic. You can ask your florist to create a center piece just like the one on the photo you have found on the internet, forgetting that you are spending $50 on it, while the one on the pic might have easily costed over $500. Be realistic and stick to the things you have chosen, once you have made the decision. Ideas and pictures will come to your favorite sites every single day. Yet, how much can one person handle?

Overspending on Flowers

It’s good to remember that seasonal flowers are not only less expensive, but they are easier to obtain and maintain. And any good florist can make a magic out of pretty much any good seasonal flowers.

Not Spending Enough on Drinks

It’s common practice to have an open bar during the reception, yet, not every couple can afford to spend out on an all-night open bar. You may consider a few signature cocktails to add to the regular wine/hard liquor choices. This not only will save you a good chunk of a budget, but also make your wedding more memorable.

Overextending the Event

The experts will tell you that five-hour reception is a party that all can enjoy and leave laughing without being overwhelmed or exhausted. Just keep in mind that natural ending to the party doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy an after party in the hotel.

Messing Up the Marriage License

It shouldn’t be a problem as long as you do your planning part. Make sure there are no waiting periods or expirations on the license.

Forgetting Last Minute Expenses

When calculating your budget, keep in mind all of the small costs that’ll pile up as the big day approaches, like tips or delivery fees. Ensure to include those into you Budget Calculator.

Forgetting to Feed Yourself and the Bridal Party

Important! The last thing you need is to feel sick or to get sick for any of your bridal party. Breakfast is awesome, but ensure to plan your snacks and some real food to go for the after make-up sessions, photo shoots, etc. You do want it to be fun, right?!

Not Allotting Enough Time to Get Ready

Most brides of the past would agree that it is a good idea to do a test run and talk with your stylist beforehand to figure out how much time you and your wedding party will need on the big day. After all, who needs stress level rising on the things that could be planned?!

Micro-Managing the Photographer

You’ve seen their work when you were choosing them. You may be obsessed with your images and yes, it is your Big Day, but let them breathe! Give your photographer some freedom to create their best images yet. After the formal family and wedding party photos have been taken, ensure they have their break and snacks/food.

Not Acknowledging Your Guests

This is particularly important for all of your out-of-town guests. Let them know you appreciate them making the trip to be there on your big day.

Putting Off Thank You Notes

Order your thank you cards before the wedding, so you can start hand writing (of course, you should hand write!) your notes as soon as possible. Consider ordering them when you order the invitations, if you want them to match. And you don’t have months to send them after the big day. Do it within three to four weeks to show your gratitude.

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