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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

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Planning and making preparations for a weddings ceremony starts right from the moment we decide our wedding partner. Obviously, there are several important things or decisions that need to be taken, such as the bridal and groom’s attire, buying of jewelries, hiring catering services, and most importantly the venue of the wedding; choosing the right Banquet Halls for the special day.
For a wedding to be successful, it requires a lot of planning, and such everyone has their aspirations and dreams and as to where their wedding venue ceremony would be celebrated. It should be affordable yet beautiful, and adding to these, below are some of the tips that would help in choosing the right Banquet hall for your special day.

Space or capacity

The most important and the first thing you need to consider when auditioning a banquet hall or event venue for your wedding is its overall capacity. You need to know how many guests the banquet hall can comfortably accommodate.
Keep in mind that the size of the venue you are choosing will have a big impact on how successful your event will be. If you choose a Banquet hall that is rather too small, your guests are going to feel uncomfortable and cramped.
On the other hand, if you book a Banquet hall that is too large and as a result dwarfs your party, your guests will feel uneasy as well.
However, the scope here is to consider and work towards your guest list; evaluate the number of people who will be attending the event, then choose the Banquet hall that best suits the size of your party.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a Banquet hall for your wedding is the venue’s location. It’s possible you find a few venues located on the outskirts of town which are well appointed, and even available at a rather lower price. But don’t be tempted yet, before you book such venue, you have to think about your guests and find answers to these questions:
1. Is the location so far out of the way that it may prevent your invitees from attending your occasion?
2. Is the Banquet hall too difficult to locate, or is it situated in a neighborhood your guests would rather not prefer?
In other words, prior to choosing your desired location, you also need to enquire whether the date you have chosen is available and has not been booked.

The Interiors

Remember that the venue you have chosen to use will definitely leave some impression on your guests, so the interiors of your desired venue must be clean, well cared for and be a modern one.

The Costs

On a final note, there is the cost to consider. The most important thing here is to strike a good and perfect balance between the price of the Banquet hall you are booking and what the venue has to offer you; read the contract and agreement to see what is included, what might cost extra, ask for whatever license you need to obtain for your day, also ask for extra or additional hours charge so you won’t be caught unaware and if you are looking to cut the costs , then you might need to consider the prices on days like: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Above all consider your needs, as well as the comfort of your guests, and then balance that against the cost of booking the wedding venue.

Before you agree to book any wedding venue, it is necessary you take your time to visit the venue in question, and then discuss your plans with the management and staff. In addition you can also check online for customer testimonials and reviews of the venue to ensure that the venue you choose is worth it in terms of reputation and reliability.

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